Prevent Workplace Harassment & Violence
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Train your employees to recognize and prevent workplace harassment & violence

HR Proactive's Prevent Workplace Harassment & Violence training program is an easy tool to help you meet your obligations to train your workers. This 30-minute e-Learning program features a quiz to ensure workers understand the issues related to harassment, discrimination and violence (as defined under Bill 168 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Human Rights legislation for all other provinces and territories). Features a key segment on recognizing and preventing workplace bullying.

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  • A 30-minute interactive e-Learning module
  • Meets Canadian compliance standards
  • Automatic course bookmarking
  • Tracks learner progress & completion
  • Includes your company branding & policy
  • Customizable content
  • A Quiz to ensure your learners understand key concepts
  • Custom course Certificate of Completion
  • Can purchase SCORM/AICC or
  • Hosting available on our LMS
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